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Secret Base SCA-7A
[ news ] Valentine .. 5 months ago
[Event] Valentine

- Collect item "Love Letter" and exchange to any item here
- Drop all map / dungeon
Start 2024-02-14
Untill  2024-02-20
[ news ] [Event] xMas .. 7 months ago
Bad Santa Spawn every 12 hours
Location All Channel
- Arcane Trace
* 126 : 139
* 221 : 220
* 32 36

- Senilinea
* 201 : 137
* 55 : 126
* 116 : 138

Drop x10 - x30
- Red Shock rate 70%
- Green Shock rate 20%
- Perfect core Lizer rate 10%
- Material core bike rate 5%
- Bike Blue rate 3.5%
- Bike RW3 rate 1.5%

Another Way to get Red / Green Shock
- Red Shock from finish dungeon x6 (mail)
- Green Scock join nation war untill end x1 (mail)

Event Untill 12/30 

[ news ] [Event] Remember debt .. 7 months ago
- Collect item "Debt Collector" From Random Box and exchange to any item in npc
- Random boxes also contain other materials

Random boxes can only be obtained from npc (Buy with 5m Alz)

Good Luck
Event Untill 12/30 
[ news ] Update .. 8 months ago
- Reduce Duration Buff Art of Defense 60s to 30s
- Remove CDI from skill Blader (A.Expert - Trans) 

- New Upgrade Ring of Lizer +10 (2slot)
* Slot Extender(lizer) x1
* Silver Coin x1
* Weapon Scroll Lizer (ASA) x2
* Ring of Lizer + 10 x2

Success Rate 100%
+ 1 slot ASA 2% (Total 5% on 2 slots) and +1% Craft ASA

[Silver Coin]
* This item is a combination of accessory materials. (Game Event -> Exchange)
- Alz 5B
- Mastery Earring (Piece) x500
- Belt of Resistance (Piece) x500
- Belt of Fighter (Piece) x500
- Belt of Sage (Piece) x500
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Basic Ability

Strength 1166
Dexterity 551
Intelligence 286


Basic Ability

Strength 981
Dexterity 716
Intelligence 316


Basic Ability

Strength 326
Dexterity 326
Intelligence 1361

Force Archer

Basic Ability

Strength 436
Dexterity 656
Intelligence 921

Force Shielder

Basic Ability

Strength 756
Dexterity 651
Intelligence 606

Force Blader

Basic Ability

Strength 801
Dexterity 606
Intelligence 606


Basic Ability

Strength 1251
Dexterity 436
Intelligence 326

Force Gunner

Basic Ability

Strength 436
Dexterity 616
Intelligence 961

Dark Mage

Basic Ability

Strength 326
Dexterity 326
Intelligence 1361

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