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Event Haloween 2019

Event : Halloween 2019 Desc : Collect Gift Ticket, Trick Ticket and Halloween Item. Event Period 11 October - 04 November How to get Gift Ticket *Drop on CABAL Lantern and in box little jack ...


Maintenance 21 October 2019

Shedule : 14:00 ~ 15:00pm - Backup Database - Reboot Server - Add new event (Halloween)


Event Wexp & Key Dungeon

Event : Wexp & Key Dungeon Desc : Collect Silver/Gold Medal and exchange with Wexp Box and Key Dungeon How to get Silver Medal *Participation in nation war and point >= 100  How to get Gold Me...


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GUIDE for Newbie Player

- After Create Character (Open email, use BB+ Ultimate) - Hit Training dummy (5 - 10 minute) (Transcender skill) - Buy skills -> Quest Scenario (Until you get Skill combo/aura/Giftbox) - Leveling (...

Read More 05/07/2019

List Drop Skill Upgrade

Drop Damage Absorb / Impact Control / Ruling Force (Lv 11 - 20) Map Level Skill Books Drop Rate Nostalgia Forest 11 0.05 Nostalg...

Read More 24/06/2019

List Fragment Essence Core

Drop Fragment of Essence Core MAP Monster Drop Rate Lakeside Berderk Faello 99.9 Forgoten Ruin Virulent Cauda 99.9...

Read More 24/06/2019

Top Players

Rank Name Level
1 Force Blader aRjoN 220
2 Blader LordFerrum 220
3 Force Blader malmaluem 220
4 Force Archer Sphynx 220
5 Force Archer (GA)Estella 220
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Top Guilds

Rank Name LvL Member
1 BlackRose 5 136
3 TeamPH 5 96
5 Olympus 5 116
6 Zenith 5 87
8 HellHound 5 95
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About Us

1Cabal Onlineis a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players.
2Our server has used antihack which can block 90% of cheats or hack
3We try to create very unique content from others based on episode 8 content
4We have 8 classes (Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Force Shielder, Force Blader, Force Gunner, Gladiator
5We pioneer a totally new concept among private servers, where our players are encouraged to get involved with the server's decisions and features giving them a sense of ownership and participation unheard of in any other server.
6We cannot explain one by one about our server, take your time to try it on our server. have fun