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How to fix Launcher error

Error : Assertion failed: bla bla bla How to fix 1. Kill all process cabal in Task Manager 2. Click right (Folder Cabal) -> properties -> dont check (Read-only). watch video

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GUIDE for Newbie Player

- After Create Character (Open email, use BB+ Ultimate) - Hit Training dummy (5 - 10 minute) (Transcender skill) - Buy skills -> Quest Scenario (Until you get Skill combo/aura/Giftbox) - Leveling (...

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List Drop Skill Upgrade

Drop Damage Absorb / Impact Control / Ruling Force (Lv 11 - 20) Map Level Skill Books Drop Rate Nostalgia Forest 11 0.05 Nostalg...

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List Fragment Essence Core

Drop Fragment of Essence Core MAP Monster Drop Rate Lakeside Berderk Faello 99.9 Forgoten Ruin Virulent Cauda 99.9...

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Vote Prizes Every month

The system will give an automatic reward when your vote reaches: - 70 Total votes = Blessing Bead - Plus (Normal) 7 Days - 150 Total votes = Holy Water of Traveler (15 min) x20 Note: This prize...

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How to get a Nation

Terms: Level 190 and above Steps: - Save all alz in the inventory into the Warehouse - Then take the alz back into inventory (Nominal According to Nation) Alz for Capella 1234561...

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How to exchange DG Coin into eCoins

Collect 200 pcs of all types of [DG]Coin Every 200 pcs is the same as: 1x Bronze/Silver/Gold Coin 50 Gold Coin = 75 eCOins 50 Silver Coin = 50 eCoins 50 Bronze Coin = 25 eCoins To m...

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How to Make Force Gunner and Gladiator Characters

If you want to create Gladiator or Force Gunner characters, please follow the steps below. First Step: Open Client Cabal (you are required to use Client GL / FG when selecting buttons in the...

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How to Get BM3

First step: - Go To Bloody Ice -> NPC T-Point Event -> T-Point Shop Second Step: - Buy Minesta Training #1 (According your class) - Click Right Minesta Training and complete quest - When...

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