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How to Make Force Gunner and Gladiator Characters 05/12/2018 10:21:55, | 2050 views

If you want to create Gladiator or Force Gunner characters, please follow the steps below.

First Step:
Open Client Cabal (you are required to use Client GL / FG when selecting buttons in the Launcher)

Second Step:
Make a Warrior Character (If you want to make a Gladiator) or Force Archer (If you want to make a Force Gunner)

Step Three:
After you make the character above, please log in to the game,
NOTE: Do not do anything in the game such as Increase level, skill and install skills or open an email and receive a gift (if any)

Fourth Step:
Open Skill by pressing the K Button on your keyboard and then select the & nbsp; tab Upgrade and you will see & nbsp; Warrior Mastery skills or FA / FG Mastery skills

Step Five:
Remove Skill Warrior Mastery or FA / FG Mastery Skill by clicking and click

Sixth Step:
After you have done all of the above, please logout and log back into the game, and you will see a change in character.

Click here for Video Guide