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  • How to play?
  • How do you get eCoins?
  • Previously you need to know that eCoins and eCoins bonuses in the game are the same, for example you have eCoins 1 and eCoins 1 bonus means in the eCoins game = 2
    What distinguishes it is only for website features. eCoins bonus for using website features. for example the status reset feature.


    • Donation - You can donate to our server and get eCoins
    • Donasi - Event that was made by Indonesian Cabal / Event with GM
    • Online every 6 hours - You will receive a prize every 6 hours playing. Ecoins prizes will be accumulated with online players.

    Bonus eCoins

    • VOTE FOR US - Through votes you will get an eCoins bonus.
    • SEND SCREENSHOT - Send us your best screenshots and get eCoins 1 bonus / screenshot
    • SEND VIDEO - Send the best videos with your editing skills to us and get eCoins 50 / video bonuses
    • EXCHANGE [DG]Coin - Exchange Coin Dungeon and get abundant eCoins.
    • Rank Join NW -Reward Monthly Rank Join Nation War
    • Rank DG - Reward Dungeon Monthly Rank
    • Rank Playtime - Reward Weekly Rank Total Playtime