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[Event] Light a fire 20/09/2019 12:43:13, | 598 views

Event Period
20 September - 5 October

#1 Event : Light a fire
Desc : Collect Candle/Candle Stick and exchange with Legendary Box

How to get Candle and Candle Stick
*Candle drop on dungeon Chaos Infinity 
*Candle Stick = Participation in nation war and point >= 100

Legendary Box
-Mystery Box Lv.1 (ALZ Lottery)
-Mystery Box Lv.1 (WEXP Lottery)
-Mystery Box Lv.2 (ALZ Lottery)
-Mystery Box Lv.2 (WEXP Lottery)
-Mystery Box Lv.3 (ALZ Lottery)
-Mystery Box Lv.3 (WEXP Lottery)
-Chaos Box - Blended Rune Lv.1
-Treasure Token (1)
-Chaos Box - Blended Rune Lv.2
-Chaos Box - Extender (Highest)
-Chaos Box - Blended Rune Lv.3
-Chaos Box - Weapon Scroll (Highest)
-Chaos Box - Armor Scroll (Highest)
-Chaos Box - League of Legends (Pet)

#2 Event : Donation accumulation
Desc : You will get a gift item when your donation accumulation is reached according to our site. (Check)