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Valentine 2020 11/02/2020 23:22:26, | 403 views

Event : Valentine 2020
Desc : Collect Rose (Green/Pink/Purple) / Love and exchange with Box (Alz/Wexp) / wings

* Rose (Green/Pink/Purple)
You can collect Rose from drop all monster and dungeon
Rose can be exchanged with Box (Alz)

Box (Wexp)
-Wexp Random 3k - 100k
-Flame Nest (DG)
-Holly Windmill (DG)
-BB Normal
-Safeguard High and Higest

Box (Alz)
-Alz Random 50 - 500m
-Flame Nest (DG)
-Holly Windmill (DG)
-Safeguard High and Higest
-Perfect Core (High)
-Perfect Core (Highest)

* Love
You can collect Love from Reward Nation war (Min Point >= 100
Love can be exchanged with Box (Wexp)

Event Period
12 Feb 2020 - 17 Feb 2020